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The Applications Development Division develops customized business solutions utilizing innovative, highly effective products and project management practices. Our approach to development emphasizes the client/server environment, the early implementation of a formal systems development life cycle and the extensive discovery of client requirements and expectations.

Our success requires extensive industry sensitive business process experience along with thorough knowledge of application design and development using such tools as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, SQL Server, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and Borland Delphi.

Corporate Procurement Technologies utilizes techniques such as "rapid application development" (RAD) "Joint Application Development" (JAD) and object oriented methodologies. Primary expertise in emerging technologies include Windows NT development, Internet and Intranet database connectivity, Java and Lotus Notes 4.0 Internotes server. Learn more about our application development disciplines.

Our Goal
Corporate Procurement Technologies development team strives to accomplish a clear work plan that defines the steps required to develop a system that exactly meets user requirements. Our goal is to create well-designed, visually and functionally consistent user interfaces Windows 95, Macintosh and UNIX platforms A good design is critical to the success of any application, especially in the use of object oriented technology. When the interface for applications is consistent, users can move from oneapplication to another with ease and speed. Consistency also facilitates the learning process and minimizes the need for training when applications are introduced into the workplace, resulting in increased productivity.